Dr. Fernando Castanera Dr. Fernando Castanera

Fernando Castanera M.D.

Fernando Castanera M.D. is the founder and medical director of TACIR Ophtalmology Clinic. Heir to a long tradition in medicine, started in 1714 by Dr. Francisco Cosme Castanera, brings a unique blend of tradition and vanguard with the same passion of the first day

Some facts about Dr. Fernando Castanera:

●  Dr. Castanera iintroduced in 1988 the first Excimer Laser for the correction of myopia, being the precursor of the current refractive lasers.

●  In 1997 he was the first surgeon to implant in Spain a pericristalinean lens type ICL for the correction of refractive errors.

●  He is a founding member of the group of surgeons specialized in presbyopia since 1997 (Prelex Group).

●  Introduces in Spain the current techniques for the treatment of glaucoma by micro-valves, being the instructor and trainer of this technique for the whole country.

●  It presents in Spain new techniques for the diagnosis of Glaucoma HRT (Laser Tomography of the optic nerve) and currently has introduced the latest revolution in the control of glaucoma by implanting microchips for the daily control of ocular pressure.

●  He has been awarded several times for his videoconferences both in the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ASCRS) and in the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ESCRS) and in the Spanish Society of Ophtalmology (SEO).

●  He has directed 6 courses, inviting as speakers the most important international ophthalmologists of the moment. In them he introduced the first videoconferences with live surgery connecting America and Europe.