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TACIR Ophthalmology Clinic is located in Teknon Medical Center of Barcelona. We are a reference center in ophthalmology due to our quality standards and the use of the most advanced technologies. Our priority is to offer a personal treatment to all our patients.

TACIR Ophthalmology Clinic was founded in 1997 as a division of the ophthalmological office created by Dr. Alfonso Castanera Pueyo in the 50s, and became part of a multidisciplinary environment such as Teknon Medical Center.

The objective of the professionals that make up our team is to perform quality and cutting-edge ophthalmology, making available to the patient the latest advances and the latest technology to solve your visual problem quickly, safely and effectively.

TACIR Ophthalmology Clinic offers a comprehensive service that covers all the specialties of Ophthalmology, including:


TACIR Ophthalmology Clinic is located within the Teknon Medical Center campus, one of the most renowned hospitals for its modern facilities. The fact of being a multidisciplinary center, since it has more than 400 specialists of recognized international prestige, and that has the most advanced medical technology, makes our patients have a space where attention is given to all their needs medical. Because the eyes are part of the body, take care of your eyes with the best ophthalmologists in an environment with the best specialists.